Ways you can help

As well as financial contributions, we welcome people willing to give their time and knowledge to support our Room To Care Appeal. Please help us by running your own fundraising event with your friends, family or your hobby group – cake sale, raffle, team challenge event with work colleagues – the possibilities are limited only by imagination!

Fundraising in the Community

Our small team of community fundraisers - Lisa & Esther - are available to offer advice, support and help with promotion of your fundraising event. Please give us a ring on 01275 391 400 or email community@stpetershospice.org

We have a range of fundraising materials to help you get your fundraising endeavours off the ground. We can provide you with collection tins and buckets, T-shirts, banners, balloons etc.

You can also download fundraising materials here:

Corporate Partnerships

We would love to discuss how your company, staff, suppliers and customers can support our appeal. We build lasting relationships with all of our corporate partners, ensuring they are supported with everything they do in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Here are just a few ideas we can discuss:

  • Charity of the Year
  • Sponsor an event
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Accumulator Challenge
  • 100 Club
  • Corporate Golf Day

Gift of money, land or shares to charities by limited companies are made before corporation tax is deducted. If the donation is an allowable expense, the corporation tax due will be reduced by 20% of the total donation, reducing the actual cost of a gift of £50,000, for example, to £40,000. Organisation wishing to donate in this manner should seek advice from their usual advisors.

Regular Donations

To find out more about making regular donations to our Room to Care Appeal, please call us on 01275 391400.

Our Events

You can also help us by taking part in one of our events. Please keep an eye on our Events calendar, there is something there for everyone.

The funds you donate will be used for the St Peter's Hospice Room to Care Appeal. If there are surplus funds, we will use the donations for the wider charitable benefit of St Peter's Hospice work.